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Online Security Awareness Training:
100% made in Germany

Experience e-learning that is fun and makes your employees an indispensable part of your company's IT security culture! In coordinated learning modules, we impart practical knowledge about information security and many other topics from the various work areas of your company. Using info sheets, videos, 3D simulations (SCORM) and multiple-choice training, your employees can learn cyber security according to their preferences.

From development to hosting - our BSB Academy is 100% made in Germany. A data centre in the north of Germany processes the data of our customers and our in-house developer team relies on programming skills and a lot of passion every day - for an optimal user experience! 

All functions & packages

Automated Workflow

A feature you won't want to be without! Our automated workflow saves you the time-consuming planning and coordination of training content for your employees. Plan an entire year of cyber awareness training with a few clicks in just a few minutes. You can divide your employees into groups if necessary and add as much learning content as you like to each workflow phase. Use our e-mail templates for invitations, reminders and phishing e-mails and save yourself a lot of time with automatic messaging.

Customized Content

Our online awareness platform is as individual and colourful as your company! Because you decide for yourself whether you want to use our content 1:1 or adapt it to your company guidelines. If you wish, you can also upload your own training content that is important to you for successful e-learning by your employees.


Motivation is the key to success! That's why we have integrated numerous gamification elements into our e-learning platform, which activate your employees' play instinct. Small puzzles, quizzes and interactive learning games are not only fun, they also automatically lead to better learning results. With the scoring & ranking function, your employees always have an overview of how good they are in an internal comparison.

Phishing Simulation:
Sensitise your team sustainably!

Find out how your employees would react to a real phishing attack! With our integrated phishing module, you can send mock phishing emails directly to your team's email inboxes. Our individual learning pages explain and give useful tips. As the person responsible for IT security you will also gain insight into our comprehensive reporting dashboard. Each identified phishing email reduces the risk of cyber attacks on your company.

Phishing Check:
How safe ist your business
from phishing attacks?

Would you like to know whether our IT security awareness training courses could also be of interest to your company? With our non-binding phishing check, you can find out in no time at all how your employees react to a real phishing scenario. You will then receive a complete report from us with a risk assessment and recommendations for action.

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Your all-round carefree package:
Our full service campaigns!
For all industries and company sizes!

Looking for more than pure e-learning? We support you in finding the optimal IT security awareness package for your company. It doesn't matter whether it's online training and expert workshops for your SME, SCORM courses for your existing e-learning platform or a complete campaign for your company, in which we take over and control the entire planning of custom measures. Our experts accompany you and your company personally on the way to a permanently higher level of cyber security.

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Why us?

100% made in Germany

Hosting, development and content - all from Northern Germany and of course GDPR-compliant.

Personal Support

We support you with the implementation and during the ongoing campaign.

Full Service Campaigns

IT security awareness training tailored to your company and your industry.

Phishing Check

Only available here! Check the IT security awareness of your staff and receive a detailed report.

Transform your company's IT security culture

We know from experience: In order to build up a sustainable IT security culture and be protected against cyber attacks in the long term, companies should make IT security training an integral part of their further ongoing training measures. We speak of a security awareness cycle - the continuous training and sensitisation of all employees with regard to cyber security.


  • Create awareness
    Sensitise employees and activate the human firewall
  • Attractive learning experience
    Impart knowledge in a playful, differentiated and fully automated way
  • Increase protection status
    Avoid financial damage and data loss by having well-trained employees

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