Why BSB Academy?

With our product, we offer you a professional solution that can be perfectly adapted to the needs of your company!
Corporate branding ensures identification with the Academy, 100% flexible content for tailor-made learning.
Thanks to our nextGen phishing technology, you can put your company to the test at any time and use a comprehensive resolution page to show step by step how your employees could have recognised the attempted fraud.

Do you want more than just IT security awareness training? Add your own content to the platform or cover areas such as hygiene measures, fire protection issues or the GDPR standard. We already provide a fine selection of additional topics, but we also offer you the option of integrating external content using the standardised SCORM format.


As the manufacturer of the platform and security awareness experts, we are happy to respond to your personal requirements! Whether it’s a new function in the Academy or support in creating new learning content, we are at your side with our knowledge.

Funktional overview

Here you can see an overview of all functions:


Phishing Academy

Do you want to test your company regularly or do you need ready-made arguments for your superiors to establish an e-learning platform and increase the protection status of the company? Then this package is perfect for you. You can use the audit package to carry out targeted phishing and check how sensitive the company is.


Audits and e-learning - you will receive our standard package, which includes all the essential tools and content of the Academy to train your company perfectly and prepare it for the dangers of the Internet.


With the Advanced package you get the full Cyber Awareness package! It includes all the functions of the basic version plus an additional flat rate for interactive 3D SCORM courses that cover topics such as data protection, occupational safety and compliance.

Gamification elements (scoring & ranking).
Compete with your colleagues thanks to our rating system and try to be number one in the company.

Success summary. 
Check at any time which of your employees have already completed content in the Academy and which should receive a reminder or improve their result.
Make individual documents available on the platform and thus enrich the content even further.

Branding (logo, colours).
Adjust the look of the BSB Academy according to your ideas and thus ensure better identification and acceptance of the product among the workforce.

Newsletter module. 
Do you periodically send content that is currently relevant as part of your campaign - has a new vulnerability in the operating system been revealed? A competitor has been the victim of an attack? Inform your colleagues in good time.

Phishing simulation. 
A core component of e-learning is our phishing simulation. It allows you to put the company to the test and get a feel for the sensitivity of the staff with the help of one of our templates or a custom mailing. Important: We don't want to name and shame anyone - we never record who exactly clicks on a link, but only determine absolute and relative numerical values in order to have an overall view.

Phishing Mails. 
Put yourself in the attacker's shoes! Choose from one of our numerous templates exactly what you think most of your colleagues will fall for and click the link.

(Custom) spear phishing.
Select your target group! Using extensive filters, you can divide your victims into different categories and fool them with the right template.
Manipulated USB sticks. 
The gateway is not always an e-mail. We want to prepare you and your company for as many different attack scenarios as possible, so we offer you the opportunity to prepare a USB stick accordingly and then place it in a publicly accessible place. Wait and see how quickly it is plugged into a company device.

Phishing Report Button (coming soon). 
Identify the e-mails in your mailbox as phishing directly and receive immediate feedback.

Configuration & Evaluation. 
We offer you a wide range of options for running your own cyber awareness campaign. Configure all measures for a period of your choice and always follow the progress in our dashboard.

Automated Workflow.
Set it up once and sit back - with our automated workflows you can gradually distribute content throughout the company. After launching the campaign, you don't need to do anything else, your company will start to increase its sensitivity to cyber attacks right at this point!

Multi language.
As a product "Made in Germany", the BSB Academy uses German as its primary language. However, we have spared no effort to prepare the content for you in English. You need an additional language? Just ask us about it, we offer the possibility to carry out a corresponding extension at any time.

Corporate Design. 
Your company logo and your own colour scheme help to strengthen the acceptance of the product among the workforce. The colleagues find themselves directly in an environment that is familiar to them.

Notification module. 
Missed your first invitation to the Academy? Don't worry, thanks to our sophisticated notification system, we will consistently remind your colleagues to register accordingly. If new content is available, you will of course also be made aware of that!

Analytics Dashboard.
With the introduction of an e-learning system, you naturally also want to know how the investment is doing! We have therefore created a dashboard in which you can display the key figures that are relevant to you. This way you always have an overview of the learning progress of the company.

Data export. 
Do you love Excel lists and prefer to create your own reports? Thanks to our export function, you can download a status from the system at any time, which you can process as you wish.

Initial analysis. 
You don't know how to start your campaign and our standard isn't what you want it to be either? We have developed a process to identify the main weak points in the company - without needing any knowledge!

Check if your campaign has captured the minds of the workforce by launching an individual survey. Of course you can also start surveys that are not related to cyber awareness.

If you need help setting up the campaign or running it, our professional team is always on hand to guarantee you the fastest possible success.

3D Story courses.
Convey content around the topic of information security in a whole new, interactive way. With our SCORM courses, we also cover cross-disciplinary topics such as DSGVO and occupational health and safety.



  • SCORM Streaming (for own platform). Bring your own content into the mix! We support the standardised SCORM format, allowing you to completely redesign the Academy experience.
  • Supporting awareness material. If you are particularly ambitious and want to get the most out of your campaign, we would be happy to support you with additional awareness material.
  • Online seminars. Just talk to us if a topic is particularly important to you and would like to conduct a separate online seminar again.
  • Classroom training & on-site analysis. Of course, we also offer the classic form of training. It can be useful, especially for the management level, to carry out coordinated in-person training!