E-learning relies on good content.

We have years of experience with training and our customers to create the perfect content that is necessary for the sustainable formation of IT security awareness in your company.

SCORM courses offer us a special opportunity to create an interactive learning experience. With numerous user interactions, voiceovers and many different topics, we offer a platform for everyone who would like to train in a playful way - because we have learned one thing: Having fun while training strengthens learning success.

Our courses primarily contain multimedia content, i.e. a combination of text, videos and gamification elements such as interactive quizzes or drag and drop games. In terms of content, we deal with topics from the field of cyber security, e.g "How do I form my password correctly?", "How do I identify a phishing e-mail?" or "What do I need to consider when working from home?". This is supplemented by a large number of courses that provide interdisciplinary content and deal with topics such as fire protection, hygiene regulations or the GDPR.

Integration into an existing

Learning Management System (LMS)

The SCORM format is a standardised format that can be freely integrated into existing e-learning platforms. Therefore, our courses are not only part of our BSB Academy, but can also be booked separately by you. We will then provide you with the appropriate archive files and you can use our content to make your company a little more secure, even without our platform.

Our Courses

To give you an idea of the subject areas we cover with our courses, you will find an excerpt of the content here:

  • IT security awareness specific topics:
  • Basic knowledge of IT security
  • Password security
  • CEO Fraud
  • Phishing, spear phishing and ransomware
  • Safe web surfing
  • Mobile working
  • and many more

Interdisciplinariy topics:


  • Health and safety at work
  • Fire protection
  • Hygiene when handling food
  • Data protection Germany
  • Compliance
  • Prevention of workplace bullying
  • and many more
    Own topic

    Do you have a special topic that you have to teach as part of the onboarding process in your company, for example, or a product that needs to be explained and is particularly complex? Perhaps you would like to convey a guiding principle to your employees as part of an online training course? As an additional service, we create a corresponding e-learning course in SCORM format for you in the branding you have chosen, which you can then use either in the BSB Academy or in your existing e-learning platform.