Cyber criminals use various gateways, such as fraudulent emails, to obtain company data or your personal data.

The effectiveness of technological protection measures here is limited. Once the email reaches your inbox, you are the last wall.

With our professional phishing simulation module, we ensure that you and your colleagues are best prepared for emergencies.

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How does the BSB Academy's phishing simulation work?

The Phishing Simulation module is a powerful tool in the Academy which you can use for campaigns, either as ad hoc phishing or at a later point. You can plan several phishings at once, which are sent at different intervals. You can choose from a variety of phishing templates, which are grouped in different categories and levels of difficulty. Once you have defined the recipient groups, you can sit back and relax.

Phishing ist on the way

If the email reaches the inboxes of your employees and they fall for it, they are directed to a  ‘learning page’. This is an information page which shows you interactively how you could have spotted that the message was fraudulent.

So we create a direct learning effect and provide valuable tips on how to recognize phishing emails.


It is important to stress that we don't want to trick anyone. We always assess any phishing anonymously, i.e. we cannot say which employee clicked on a link, we only record the amount, so that we can calculate the risk to the company.

Our Academy provides a clear dashboard where you can see all the key figures, such as click rate, number of participants, or comparison figures with previous campaigns.

USB stick phishing, social engineering etc.

We offer more than the standard phishing email: Our USB stick phishing enables you, for example, to equip storage media with benign tracking programs that cause fluctuations in the Academy dashboard as soon as a USB stick is used on a computer. This allows you to check your employees’ awareness of incoming emails, and whether they have developed a general understanding of issues around information security, which is our long-term goal.