Thanks to years of experience and campaign management with companies from different industries and of varying sizes, we have learned how best to set up and implement an information security campaign for a sustainable result. Whether you are an SME or a large corporation, we offer you cross-industry know-how that perfectly suits your company.

through continuity

With our campaign we create a sustainable learning success! Our experience has shown that classic face-to-face training is not the only way to achieve your goal. Even just the announcement often creates a rather dismissive attitude in the workforce and the desired, lasting effect does not materialise. Depending on the agreement, our full-service campaigns are designed for 12, 24 or even 36 months. During this time, we create a large number of points of contact so that your colleagues are continuously brought into contact with the topics. Through this continuity we create sustainability.

How does a

full-service campaign work?

We start with a comprehensive workshop. Here we get to know our company and the working atmosphere of the other party. The primary goal is to create a roadmap that roughly outlines all the necessary measures to achieve the campaign's goals. We will show you the various options and also look at which point in time is the most suitable for each measure. We take any seasonality of your business into account and plan the campaign in such a way that your employees do not run into time bottlenecks when handling their day-to-day business.

So that you and your management team always know what the status of the project is, we hold regular meetings for detailed agreements and intermediate status updates, so you never lose track and only have to spend very little time dealing with the campaign.

When evaluating the progress of the campaign, we examine the measures that have been carried out so far and determine further focal points. Here we focus on any weak points that have become apparent in the course of the previous training.

How does a full-service campaign ​​​​​​
differ from the BSB Academy?

The BSB Academy is a comprehensive tool for conducting cyber awareness campaigns and delivering learning content from different areas of the company. With our professional campaign support, you will have a personal contact at your side who will continue to support you after onboarding to ensure the success of the campaign. We take care of the complete administration of the software for you - both at the process level and in terms of content.

In the course of the campaign, we coordinate further measures that can be used to support the campaign, such as separate merchandise items, campaign logos, theme worlds, surveys or on-site sessions that intensify the experience and emphasise the seriousness of the campaign.