Our professionally designed courses and training sessions run by trainers with many years of experience increase your colleagues’ awareness and prepare them for daily risks.

We offer you a wide range of topics, but we are also open to completely new content, or content that is tailored to your company.

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Whatever the content, we focus on the following goals:

  • To raise awareness
    With clear practical examples from the user's point of view, we explain the need for action and increase awareness of the issues around information security.
  • Increase motivation
    We explain the seemingly complex subject in a comprehensible way, enabling your employees to gain a positive basic understanding. Our goal is to increase awareness and thereby improve your company’s resilience against cyber attacks.

Our workshops and training courses distinguish between target groups. The management level starts at a different point from the office staff. For office staff, the focus is to provide background knowledge so they can act responsibly. It is particularly important to use easily understandable examples to explain where dangers lurk and how they can be avoided.

For management, the focus is on increasing motivation. Motivation to create a secure working environment for employees and to increase their understanding of issues around information security. During the workshop, participants engage in interactive games in which they have to use everyday processes to deal with cyber attacks, incidents and unsafe behaviour.

We create our workshops and training courses according to your company’s needs. We recommend having a limited number of participants so that questions can be individualised.