How it works

During an initial conversation we determine the framework data for the phishing check: when it should be implemented, what the target language is and what content would most successfully trick your colleagues. This is followed by a series of tests to ensure that the email reaches recipients, despite technical measures.

You also decide whether the phishing is resolved directly or whether the link in the email leads to the start page of a search engine, for example. To resolve it, we use a learning page to show your colleagues the indicators by which they should have identified the phishing.


Just a few days after sending the email, we analyse the clicks. We do not use tracking pixels known from newsletters, but only count the users who actually reached the target page. You will receive the results in a PDF document with the most important key figures, and a personal discussion in which we will make recommendations based on the results. If you or your company are unsure whether awareness training is useful,our phishing check provides a benchmark that helps you make the decision.